Concerts 2020

Montag, 16. November 2020
MuseumsQuartier, Architekturzentrum


Christopher Fox
Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Christopher Fox: Topophony

"Improvisation and composition as forcefield. The conundrum remains: how can one combine these two approaches to musical forming without one or the other being compromised or diluted?"

Anna Thorvaldsdottir: In the Light of Air

"The work streams from one movement to the next through a flowing texture of sound materials and harmonies. The musical material is constructed with a focus on subtle nuances and poetic textures that form lyrical gestures throughout the work. Melodies are generated just as much by sounds, gestures and nuances as by pitched lyrical material." Anna Thorvaldsdottir

Conductor: Peter Burwik
23 – 27 November 2020
Bilkent University / Ankara


Workshops and concert at the Bilkent University, Ankara

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