Stefan Neubauer

Stefan Neubauer

Stefan Neubauer, geboren 1971 in Oberösterreich, studierte Klarinette am Linzer Bruckner- Konservatorium (Karl Maria Kubizek) und an der Wiener Musikhochschule (Peter Schmidl, Johann Hindler). Er absolvierte Meisterkurse u.a. bei Alfred Prinz.

Neubauer is a clarinetist at the Vienna State Opera (stage orchestra) and is also a regular guest clarinet with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna Virtuosos.

He lies a special focus on contemporary music: he is a member of the ensemble XX. jahrhundert and the Ensemble Wiener Collage. He was also involved in projects with die reihe, Klangforum Wien, Phace, ensemble reconsil wien and the Ensemble Kontrapunkte.

In contrast, as a member of the Philharmonia Schrammeln he plays Viennese music on the "picksüßen Hölzl".

Furthermore, Stefan Neubauer is involved in cross-divisional solo and chamber music projects:

  • – at the clarinet ensembles 'clarinettissimo' and 'Interclarinet' clarinettissimo und Interclarinet
  • – at the 'Ensemble 11' where the majority of musicians play at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • – folk music at the 'Philharmonia Schammeln', 'Volksmusikgruppe DAC', 'Die Wiener' „Philharmonia Schrammeln“, „Volksmusikgruppe DAC“, „Die Wiener“)
  • – classical chamber music among others with the Neuen Künstlerforum Wien Neuen Künstlerforum Wien
  • – big band
  • – contemporary music that also includes works that are specially written for him

His solo CD "Solitary Changes" with works from the 20th century for clarinet solo was awarded the Ö1 Pasticcio Prize.

Since 2013, Stefan Neubauer has been a lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in the concert field clarinet and also teaches for the Japanese TOHO Academy in Vienna.